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Hi ,

I want to export the list of all dashboards which are being created in my search head, so I want to achieve this using my search query.

Also, I have gone to the Manager,UserInterface,views and got the list of all the dashboard created by all the users, but I am not able to export it in excel, so please let me know if Export button can be added in this page so that I could take the whole thing in the excel with the help of export button in this page.

Thanks in advance !!

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Hi abhayneilam!

As far as i know you can get a list of views via rest.

Try this in your searchbar:

| rest /servicesNS/-/-/data/ui/views

This uses rest to obtain a list of views. The "-" symbols are wildcards for the user and the app.
You can then filter for things of your interest. Lets say you have an app that is called "sampleapp", then you can search for:

| rest /servicesNS/-/-/data/ui/views | search eai:acl.app=sampleapp

Put together the things you need with an additional table command and use the standard export feature.




Will is be also possible to get a search query for a specific widget in the similar manner?

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I have got 120 results after giving this rest command but If I go to manager-usreinterface-views, I am getting 360 items , the count is not matching. Please help me to find all the dashboards.

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Path Finder
| rest /servicesNS/-/-/data/ui/views 
| search "eai:acl.app"=NameOfApp eai:acl.perms.read!=admin eai:acl.sharing=app
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