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Splunk Dashboard to Confluence as RSS Feed URL


Hi Team,


 We are using confluence and we are planning to use our Splunk Dashboard URL as a RSS feed URL in Confluence. Could you please advise if the can I convert my Splunk Dashboard/Report URL into a RSS feed URL. If so please advise.


Thanks !!!

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@sen8sen  Splunk Enterprise doesn't support export of dashboard results to rss at this time. However, anytime the core product doesn't do what I want, I go to https://splunkbase.splunk.com/ and search to see if there's an add-on app, which would extend the capabilities. Searching for "rss" in Splunkbase (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/apps/#/search/rss/), I see a handful of results. I would go and see if any of those might potentially fit your needs. If so, discuss adding the app to your Splunk setup.



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