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Splunk Dashboard Studio - Why am I having pagination issues?


Page Navigation is not working in new dashboard. I just added table panel showing all events and when trying to use page links, Page 1 or prev link not working. Version I am using Splunk Dashboard Studio Version: 1.0.2 Build: 61341731

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @amit12321 - thanks for posting! Unfortunately this is a known issue in Splunk Enterprise 8.2.x, but is fixed in Splunk Enterprise 9.0.x! 

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Also impacting table panels created using Dashboard Studio in Splunk Enterprise Version:8.2.6 Build:a6fe1ee8894b

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This defect is still impacting table panels created using Dashboard Studio in Splunk Cloud Version:8.2.2104.1 Build:ff3783abd2ce

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