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Sparklines Going Off the Page



I've been seeing this for a few weeks now. I want to say the problem started with our 6.2 upgrade. But all my sparklines are going off page basically. Forcing me to scroll out. These used to sorta self size.

Checked few browsers on both my Mac and PC. Is there a switch I am missing somewhere for "stay in bounds" Possible bug?

-Daniel alt text

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Did you find an answer to this?

I can see that the width option might be useful to change the area on dashboards but my sparklines are broken in searches too and in a different way.

It as if the the timeperiod/span of the sparkline has gone all weird. So the longer my search time period the wider the sparkline is. Every point on graph is showing as 0 or 1. No aggregation.

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Path Finder

Edit the source. adjust the field name accordingly. adjust the width pixels accordingly.

      <option name="height">40</option>
      **<option name="width">150px</option>**
      <option name="colorMap">
        <option name="0:100">blue</option>
        <option name="101:">#9ac23c</option>
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