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Single Value trellis issue with various font sizes

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I almost presume that this has been asked before, but I have still not been able to find any answers here that solved my problem.

When I use trellis on a single value panel, the fonts sizes for each single value display is all over the place. I guess this is because of the difference in text lenght, but there surely must be a way to keep font sizes equal?


I have tried different CSS override solution I have found suggested on the forum, but have had no success yet. I am currently stuck trying to figure this out, anyone here able to help me?

Also let me know if it is possible to remove the ugly trellis "split by" category values of 1,3,4. I tried renaming these but that breaks the coloring using range.

Edit to add another question: Is it possible to stack these vertically instead of horizontal?

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Managed to solve the first part of my problem based on other forum answers, successfully managing to override CSS. 

Anyone able to help me out with figuring out how to hide "split by" category and vertical stack?

This solved my first problem, is there an easier/more elegant way to do this?


  <row depends="$alwaysHideCSSPanel$">
            width: 200px !important;
            transform: translate(5px,0px);
          .viz-panel.viz-facet-size-medium .facet-label{
            font-size:14px !important;
            font-weight: bold !important;



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