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Hi Forum,

I have written a script that pull off the receive power from optical transceivers on every hour.   All is well with this except, as the values are a measurement in loss, they are negative values in bells.

I would really like to represent this with the single value radial - I can get it to work with a perfectly with a marker gauge but having that "rev counter" type representation would not only be so cool bit so useful to get power readings at  glance on our long range transmission kit, its such a perfect representation I think for this kind of measurement, and would really appeal to that more "scientific" engineering type of audience.

When I use the single value radial I cannot for the life of me work out where I can adjust the scale (ideally -40dBm to 0dBm.  I just expected this to be like managing any other sort of float (I am working with a decimal number, not a string or anything), just to happens to be a negative value.

Am I just missing something really silly?  Any help would be gratefully received - I'm using dashboard studio if that makes a difference.


Thank you

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You can use the gauge command to set your limits.

Here is a dummy search where I make up some decibel data:


index=_internal | eval decibels=(-1 * date_minute) 
| stats avg(decibels) as avg_decibels
| eval avg_decibels = round(avg_decibels,2)
| gauge avg_decibels -100 -75 -50 0



I can then use that for the radial chart:



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if only it was supported in dashboard studio!  will use classic for the time being - thank you!

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