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How does one add the "view full results" link on a Single Panel Value; much like what was shown at the Splunk .conf 2010 Developing with Splunk class?

I have created the single panel dash to include the appropriate syntax to render a numerical value; but...

What is the or syntax to add the ability to "drill-down" or "redirect" to view the full results. One does not need to do this with table or chart.

Management wants the ability to have an executive dashboard that shows numerical summaries-- min 5 single values--and be able to click on the value that will then go to the results of the value (if the value were red, yellow, or green get to the results to the why?)


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The SingleValue module has optional params called linkSearch and linkView.

The former takes a full search string as its value. When the param is set the SingleValue text becomes linked, and when the user clicks it the given search is run in the given view (often flashtimeline)

To see the full list of params for the SingleValue module as well as the documentation thereof, just go to your splunk instance and manually go to:

http://<your host and port>/en-US/modules