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Single Value Field Count

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This should be an easy one for you guys.

Basically, I'm trying to display the total number of hosts associated with an event into a single value:

  <searchString>eventtype="sp.*" | stats count(tag::host) | rangemap field=count low=1-1000000 default=low</searchString>
  <title># Of Active Customers</title>
  <option name="afterLabel">Customers</option>
  <option name="linkFields">result,beforeLabel</option>
  <option name="classField">range</option>

Driving me nuts! I keep coming back with "N/A Customers" displayed in the button.

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Looks like your field names aren't going to match coming out of stats. Also, the example search is going to give you the number of host tags rather than of the number of the hosts -- is that what you intended?

Try changing:

| stats count(tag::host)

to (number of host tags):

| stats count(tag::host) as count

or (number of hosts):

| stats dc(host) as count