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Simple X over Y chart with any statistical functions

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I am trying to make this graph they are temperatures the log is a CSV from a data logger.
Each entry has a unique time stamp.

I would like to make this graph be overtime without having to use a function like sum or avg. just a straight x over y graph excel style with all of the entries

source="C:\Users\gerard\Desktop\ilon.csv" | chart avg(AmbientAirTemperature) as "Ambient Air Temperature",
avg(AirSupplyTemperatureProgramPool) as "Air Supply Temperature Program Pool",
avg(AirSupplyTemperatureMainPool) as "Air Supply Temperature Main Pool",
avg(MainPoolTemperature) as "Main Pool Temp",
avg(ProgramPoolTemperature) as "Program Pool Temp",
avg(ReturnAirTemperature) as "Return Air Temp",
avg(SolarPanelTemperature) as "Solar Panel Temp" by timestamp

I would also like a radial chart for each of these values to basicly display the temperature values in a gauge

any help would be great



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Re: Simple X over Y chart with any statistical functions

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Splunk Employee

the classic way is

| chart avg(field) over x by y

if needed to regroup by numeric ranges, you can group using the bucket command

| bucket y span=10 | chart avg(field) over x by y

otherwise the basic timechart can be used is one of the variable is the _time

| timechart span=1h avg(field) by x

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