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Searching and Parsing XML CDATA


I have an XML file that looks like this. It is one event with a break before "<COMBINE>"



<AGENCY><![CDATA[Department of the Housewares]]></AGENCY>

<OFFICE><![CDATA[ Housewaress Central ]]></OFFICE>

<LOCATION><![CDATA[405 5th st.]]></LOCATION>





<SUBJECT><![CDATA[Replace Appliances]]></SUBJECT>



<CONTACT><![CDATA[Ken Mattern, Procurement Manager, Phone 9925-8125]]></CONTACT>

<DESC1><![CDATA[PROJECT TITLE: Replace appliances that have been damaged by flood]]></DESC1>









I'm searching it like this to find all records that contain "Mall"

index="xyz" sourcetype="xyzcombine" Mall
| spath output=Date path=COMBINE.DATE
| spath output=Solicitation path=COMBINE.SOLNBR
| spath output=Subject path=COMBINE.SUBJECT
| spath output=Location path=COMBINE.POPADDRESS
| spath output=Zip path=COMBINE.POPZIP
| spath output=Set-Aside path=COMBINE.SETASIDE
| eval Date= strptime(Date,"%m%d%Y") 
| convert timeformat="%Y-%m-%d"  ctime(Date) AS Date
| table Date, Solicitation, Location, Subject, Set-Aside
| sort Date desc

The search works just fine. However, the word "Mall" can appear anywhere in the record. What I really need to do is to be able to search for "Mall" in the Location or POPADDRESS field. I can't figure out how to do this. I have tried this

index="xyz" sourcetype="xyzcombine" Location*Mall*

With no ressults. I've tried sub searches, WHERE functions and anything else I can think of. It looks to me like fields containing character data, "[CDATA[]]" just don't parse properly.

Any idea of how I can search the specific field?

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I figured out what I was doing wrong. Instead of searching for


I need to search for


Doing that returns exactly what I need, only events with Mall in the Location field. Wildcards do make a difference.

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