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Scheduling a PDF for a Dashboard every 3 months after changing the default time token (default - 24 hours) to 3mon

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Hello Team,

This is for Splunk Cloud Version 7.2 .
I have a dashboard and by default it runs for a time range of last 24 hours. Time picker is also available on the dashboard (for the visualizations and reports). I need to generate a PDF and schedule it's delivery to a list of users every 3 months. The issue is that I want the time range for this dashboard to be for a period of 3 months instead of last 24 hours before publishing the PDF.
Is it possible to achieve the same or do I need to create separate a dashboard for a period of 3 months to achieve the same?

I tried looking up for answers over the community but I was unable to find the one which could answer my query.

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks ! 

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