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Reset zoom button on charts doesn't works when i select some other value.

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I have a chart panel and some other panel (X). When i click on the value from other panel X, my chart changes accordingly. So The problem i am facing is:
When i click on 1st value from panel X and zoom the chart, i can see the reset zoom button. But after performing zoom if i left the chart (zoom) as it is and i select the other value in other panel X and again i zoom the chart. At this point i cannot see the reset zoom button/

Thanks in advance!

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I tried to replicate your issue but I am able to get reset zoom button after changing graph plotting criteria .
Is your js overriding this zoom functionality?
here is run anywhere search:

   <fieldset submitButton="false">
     <input type="dropdown" token="sourcetype" searchWhenChanged="true">
       <label>Select a sourcetype</label>
       <choice value="scheduler">scheduler</choice>
       <choice value="splunk_web_access">splunk_web_access</choice>
       <choice value="splunk_web_service">splunk_web_service</choice>
       <choice value="splunkd">splunkd</choice>
       <choice value="splunkd_access">splunkd_access</choice>
       <choice value="splunkd_ui_access">splunkd_ui_access</choice>
       <title>Dropdown- sourcetype=$sourcetype$</title>
            index=_internal |search sourcetype="$sourcetype$"|timechart count(sourcetype) count(source)</query>
         <option name="charting.chart">column</option>

Are you getting same issue in this dashboard also?
alt text

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@ruchigupta, reset button is usually shown in case of selection. Please refer to doumentation for details: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/latest/Viz/Chartcontrols#Pan_and_zoom_chart_control...

For community to help you you might have to share the Panel X and Chart Panel Simple XML code.

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Hi niketnilay,
Is it mandatory to click reset zoom before switching to other value?

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In a Timechart when you zoom in once, you can further zoom inside the selection by zooming in again. However, to go back to previous selection you would have to reset zoom.

When you zoom in using <selection> until you reset you can slide the zoomed selection, but can not further zoom in.

You can however, code click/selection or any other input using JavaScript to reset the selection/tokens as per your requirements.

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I am not able to upload screenshot in either way (no karma points).
Could you please provide a JavaScript code example to proceed further. I mean if i need to reset the value(zoom button) when i switch to other chart(2 values are there and the chart changes when i select one value and it changes again when i select other value ).
Suppose for chart i have used zoom button and without doing reset zoom i switch to other chart (when i click on other value), the reset zoom button does not work.
So for this i would need to use javascript so that the zoom button functionality gets reset.

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