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Removing Splunk Chrome Modules


Is it possible to remove the Splunk Chrome Modules from a dashboard written in Simple XML? Thanks!

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Re: Removing Splunk Chrome Modules


Nope I'm afraid it is not. You can convert the view to Advanced XML by tacking ?showsource=1 onto the end, scrolling down, and copying out the giant block of XML you see in the textarea there.

Note that a significant amount of that XML is actually redundant carried along by flaws in the simple XML system. If you want to know exactly what parts you can delete and what parts you can denest, check out this page http://sideviewapps.com/654/so-youd-like-to-convert-a-simplified-xml-dashboard-or-form-to-sideview-u... but SKIP to section 5. (The page is murderously long and comprehensive and the moral of the story is basically that it's faster easier to rewrite a Sideview-style view from scratch than to try and salvage a "converted" simple xml view.)

And anyway, if you have to take the plunge to the Advanced XML, I definitely recommend Sideview Utils. Here's a 10 minute screencast if you want to know more.

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