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Remove "save search" link displayed by JobStatus module

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Is there a simple way to remove the "Save search" link displayed by the JobStatus module when a search completes? I was hoping for something along the lines of the showActionsMenu False in the TitleBar module, but it doesn't appear to exist.

I'm building a locked down search form and I don't want the end users to be able to save searches.

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As rroberts posted, you can use the showSaveMenu param in the JobStatus module.

But if you're already in a situation where you're using the Sideview Utils app, you can also use its SearchControls module instead of JobStatus.

The benefit is that with SearchControls you can control both the presence/absence as well as the order of every one of the top level buttons and menus. And furthermore for things with sub-items like the save and create menus, you can control the presence/absence and order of all the action items within those menus as well.

If you just want it to show all the options like JobStatus does, it looks like

<module name="SearchControls" />

The main param is "sections", so if you just wanted the little square job control links and an export button, you would do:

<module name="SearchControls">
  <param name="sections">jobControls export</param>

and if you wanted export, and print and the saveMenu, you would do:

<module name="SearchControls">
  <param name="sections">export print saveMenu</param>

For controlling the subitems within the save menu, create menu, and the job controls section, you can also control the presence/absence and the order of those items with the saveMenu, createMenu and jobControls param.

SearchControls doesn't yet have its own page in the Sideview docs to talk about it. However you can always read the reference documentation. If you have Sideview Utils installed you can read those by manually going to the /modules URL in your browser and clicking SearchControls.

or if you don't like clicking, go to /en-US/modules#Splunk.Module.SearchControls

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If you are using advanced XML i.e. ( view root element ) you can add a Job control menu to the panel like so:


< module name="JobStatus">

< param name="showCreateMenu">false < /param>

< param name="showSaveMenu">false < /param>

< /module>


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