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Redirect to Custom View Instead of Flashtimeline with parameters

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I had successfully integrated custom module with help of below video series.

  1. https://vimeo.com/130652658
  2. https://vimeo.com/130651237
  3. https://vimeo.com/130652657
  4. https://vimeo.com/130650438

Now from a custom column, I want to “Redirect to Another View Instead of Flashtimeline”.

I had read below URLs to customize navigation but can't found any appropriate solutions. Please, can someone guide me, how to resolve this issue?

  1. https://answers.splunk.com/answers/9247/redirect-to-another-view-instead-of-flashtimeline.html
  2. https://answers.splunk.com/answers/9481/how-can-i-describe-a-splitby-group-by-component-to-a-plot-in...

Thanks in advance.

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