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Question Regarding Dashboard Time Range Picker

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Hi all,

I am having some issues getting a time range picker to work with a dashboard I have set up. The code I am using for the time range picker is:

    <input type="dropdown" token="Time">
    <label>Time Period</label>
    <choice value="span=30m">30 Minutes</choice>
    <choice value="span=1h">1 Hour</choice>
    <choice value="span=3h">3 Hours</choice>
    <choice value="span=6h">6 Hours</choice>
    <choice value="span=1d">1 Day</choice>
    <choice value="span=1w">1 Week</choice>
    <default>1 Hour</default>

And an example of one of my dashboard panels is below:

  <searchString>index = my_index | search as-xy-1234* OR as-ip-3456* $Time$ searchterm Locations DeviceName $Device$ $Interface$ $Mode$ | top 100 DeviceName</searchString>
  <title> Device</title>
  <option name="charting.chart">pie</option>

When I run the search, no results are returned and Splunk shows the above error message: Your timerange was substituted based on your search string

I couldn't find any good examples on the Splunkbase where something similar was done and the issue was resolved. I am sure it is either how I am inputting the token in my search or how I am defining my time buckets. Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: Question Regarding Dashboard Time Range Picker


Try this run anywhere example of similar thing.

  <label>Threat Dashboard</label>
  <fieldset autoRun="false" submitButton="true">
    <input type="dropdown" token="Time">
    <label>Time Period</label>
    <choice value="earliest=-30m@m">30 Minutes</choice>
    <choice value="earliest=-60m@m">1 Hour</choice>
    <choice value="earliest=-3h@h">3 Hours</choice>
    <choice value="earliest=-6h@h">6 Hours</choice>
    <choice value="earliest=-1d@d">1 Day</choice>
    <choice value="earliest=-7d@d">1 Week</choice>
    <default>1 Hour</default>
      <title>Investigate Source IP</title>
      index = _internal $Time$
       | search *error*  | top 100 sourcetype
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