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Hi Everyone,

Trying to enable a page with a PullDownSwitcher. After looking at tutorials and examples, all them include the switcher auto running when changed. I want to be able to switch and manually enable to search.

I have used the param "searchWhenChanged" in the past to disable autoRun, but when enabling it in the example, it will disable autorun, but returns an invalid alert "misconfigured view 'SwitcherModule' - unknown parameter 'searchWhenChanged' is defined for module PullDownSwitcher'

Any help with the proper syntax to complete this will be beneficial.

Below is the current PullDownSwitcher syntax i am using:

Select Lookup Action


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searchWhenChanged is not a param for PullDownSwitcher.

These are your only params that are not required:

optional params

disableOnNull = True | False
When this is present, the module is disabled until it is given an explicit search, or when its search is cancelled.
defaults to: False

hideChildrenOnLoad = True | False
Indicates if child modules are hidden via CSS by default
defaults to: False

This specifies the group of the child that is selected when the page loads. (Group name is the group = name attribute set on the parent module.) When absent, the first child module and its ancestor tree are shown initially.

You can read more here: Module Reference

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Perhaps look into the SearchSelectLister module.

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