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Problem with strptime drilldown token


Hello, i'm developing a dashboard for a client, the thing is I need to pass an earliest and latest value to perform another search on another panel.

The panel needs the earliest and latest time of a transaction. then the panel 2 needs to search in the entire index between latest and earliest of the clicked transaction's row.

here is my XML:

panel 1

<query>| search   myswearch  | transaction myfield   maxevents=$maxevents$ keeporphans=true | eval t2=_time + duration | eval start=strftime(_time, "%d/%m/%y %H %M %S %3N"), finalization=strftime(t2, "%d/%m-%y %H:%M:%S:%3N")  | table start finalization duration myfields myfields </query>


          <eval token="earliest">round(strptime($row.start$,"%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S:%3N"),3)</eval>
          <eval token="latest">round(strptime($row.finalization$, "%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S:%3N"),3)</eval>

and here is my panel2:

 <table depends="$mytoken$">
        <title>everything between $earliest$ and  $latest$</title>
          <query>myindex | my table</query>

my problem is both tokens always evaluate to 946695600, and that's like 1/1/2000 hah.


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