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Prepopulate Textbox with values from another view

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How to prepopulate textbox with values from another view

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It's pretty easy with Sideview Utils ( http://sideviewapps.com/apps/sideview-utils ), and the app has a lot of documentation and examples to walk you through.

In a nutshell, you use the Sideview Redirector module right downstream from your table, to specify the URL to go to, as well as the arguments you want passed on that URL. Then you use tokens like $click.fields.A$ to specify the value of the A field anywhere in any of that.

On the target view you simply put a Sideview URLLoader module near the top of the view and then as long as the variable name in the querystring exactly matches the "name" param of your TextField, Pulldown, Checkbox, Checkboxes, Tabs, Radio SearchBar, etc.... then the value will be loaded into the corresponding form element automatically as the target page loads.



Have you considered using Sideview Utils? It is easy to pass parameters from one view to anotehr with Sideview. I wrote a wiki [1]: http://wiki.splunk.com/Dynamically_Editing_Lookup_Tables that explains how to pass parameters to textfields on drilldown.

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