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Populate Dashboard Panels based on Form Input

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I've built a dashboard with a bunch of panels that report on various data points for a given customer account. I'd like to add a form field to the dashboard where a user can enter an account name and all of the panels report based on that account name, rather than the hard-coded account name I used to build the initial dashboard. How can I do this?

I figured out how to add a form field by changing to

and adding a field set, but have no idea how to make all of the panels run based on the input.


I really just need to figure out how to pass the value from the account input into those queries/panels.

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Re: Populate Dashboard Panels based on Form Input


Check out this tutorial, It has some examples of using $tokens$


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Re: Populate Dashboard Panels based on Form Input

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are several resources that you can leverage to learn more about the use of form inputs and tokens throughout your dashboard.

Splunk Documentation > Form Examples

Splunk 6 Dashboard Examples App
* Check out the examples around the form inputs


Re: Populate Dashboard Panels based on Form Input

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I have created a dashboard based on various search criteria. I would like to add a column to this, based on one of the output column i need to hard code a value. can anyone please suggest a way to do this.
for ex:
existing output:
abc one

def two
Information need to be hardcoded:
one--> red

needed output:
abc one red
def two black

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