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I found that the count with the 'Other' slice in the pie graph visualization available in splunk is not actually the count of events. From documentation I found that it is the count of 'Slices' with less contribution. 
Is there any way to print the count of events with the 'Other' slice? Checked documentations and forums. Couldnt find any anything.
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Let's say your SPL returns 15 results, then the pie chart will show the top 10 values with maximum count and showing the remaining 5 in Other fields.


To match with the event, you can separately execute panel query (which will have all results) and can match count with indexed data.

If you find my solution/debugging steps fruitful, then an upvote would be appreciated

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Can you share you search. The 'count' of the other slice will be whatever gets aggregated into the other category. It will show other (x) where x is the number of aggregated rows, but the count value, if you hover of that segment will show you the actual count value.

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