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Pie Chart - Add a line break in the label

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I would like to add a line break in the label in order to have the full title as well as the value and the percentage

Actually :
alt text

Desired outcome :
alt text

End of SPL used :
| eventstats sum(tache) as total_tache
| eval percent = round((tache/total_tache)*100,2)
| eval DR=DR." (".'tache'.")".",".'percent'."%"
| rex mode=sed field=DR "s/,/\n/g"

I tried to use the command "sed", it works in a table but not in a pie chart.
Can you help me ?

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| makeresults 
8 23 65 81 10 38 43 32 23"
| multikv
| fields - _* linecount
| transpose 0 column_name=region
| rename "row 1" as count
| eventstats sum(count) as total
| eval perc= round(count / total * 100,2)."%"
| eval display=region."

(".count.") - ".perc
| table display count

pie chart

Default Pie Chart can't display multivalue and truncate long spaces.

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So there is no solution to this problem ?
Since it's impossible to make line breaks in a Pie Chart

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