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Pass token to oneshotSearch

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Inside my dashboard I am executing a oneshotSearch in my html dashboard using javascript. How do I pass tokens to this search?

  function(err, results) {
    // Display the results....}

var searchQuery = "...\"$form.Application$\" ";

I tried the above syntax and it does not work. It has to be a html dashboard.


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You can get the token value in you custom module and for your query..
Read this doc.. this got all you want..
You can even attach on-change events to a token object and change your query correspondingly


Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lojUc9v37Jg&list=PL7zWAA-DF0k9U_s1w5EY33o2JqJgdHRGz&index=2

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I have the token by doing the tokens.get call and the token has the value also.
I need the way to pass this token to the query in the oneshot search. I am sure there is way, could not find it right syntax for it.


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instead of this,
var searchQuery = "...\"$form.Application$\" ";


var defaultTokens = mvc.Components.get("default"); 
var submittedTokens = mvc.Components.get("submitted"); 
var tokens = {
    get: function(tokenName) {
        return defaultTokens.get(tokenName);

    set: function(tokenName, tokenValue) {
        defaultTokens.set(tokenName, tokenValue);
        submittedTokens.set(tokenName, tokenValue);
    on: function(eventName, callback) { 
        defaultTokens.on(eventName, callback); 
var searchQuery = "..."  + (tokens.get("Application") || tokens.get("form.Application")) + "... ";
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