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Panel error "Search is waiting for input"

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Hello Splunk Experts,

I have an issue with dashboard panels, I have a metrics(CPU) dashboard which populates to another dashboard panel with default drill down options.
When I click on CPU dashboard panel it must show data in another tab, the issue here is, its opening the new tab showing the given default drill-down options, but instead of populating data its showing the error "search is waiting for input". I have the same issue with all the panels in that dashboard. But when I give the drill-down options manually its populating the data. I am confused why its not working automatically when i click on any panel but why its working manually.

Thank you

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Definitely has to do with a token not either spelled correctly or not properly called. Screenshot and the xml will make it alot easier to point out or you can review those two factors. Mainly at your search and the token. If you look closely you will find it.



Which version of splunk are you running? It's mostly the case that even if we enable the drilldown option in the dashboard panel, we need to manually depend the table on the token. This "depend" thing doesn't happen automatically.

It would be more clear if you can provide the source code.


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I had a similar issue earlier and it ended up being a misspelled token that didn't match the downstream tokens.

It gave me the same message "Search is waiting for input"

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I agree with the two other responses about misspelled tokens, otherwise you might need to add a Submit button, or click Submit to make sure the tokens are being generated. If you could provide the xml, that would be very helpful.

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You should provide both dashboard XML so people can help you better.

But usually this is related to a missing or misspelled token somewhere along the drill down.

cheers, MuS

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pls send your
script or commands

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