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Need help with a custom dashboard that calls external URLs to retrieve Mac_address attributes.


Hi Splunkers,

I’m working on custom command script which should basically do the following:I need to create a dashboard where a customer enter a Mac_address and should get the attributes of the Mac_address (which are not available in the events).I have worked on a python script which will call the external URL’s to get the attributes of the Mac_address but I am unable to figure out what should be the next step. These are few doubts that I have
1) How can I send those Mac_address attributes to splunk as results?
2) Something like this in the search bar - | mycommand “xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx” (only one argument (Mac_address) at a time) this will be my full search query, is it possible?
So can anyone please let me know what the available options to get my desired outcome are? Is writing a custom command is good approach?

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You can pass as normal argument

| YourCUstomCommand($entered_ip_address$)

And it will be available in sys.argv
Please go through the "Handling errors" in this link

I did this once, now forgot the exact syntax.. try | YourCUstomCommand $entered_ip_address$ if the above didn't worked

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Hi dadepu,

there is an App already on Splunkbase https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1249/ 😉

cheers, MuS

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You can use an external lookup (AK scripted lookup) like this:

| makeresults | eval Mac_Address=$Mac_Address$ | lookup YourExternalLookupHere MacAddress | fields - _time


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