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Limit dates available in custom date range picker?

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We have a set of dashboards for a client and we limited the time range picker to only offer date range as an option. is there a way to limit to only specific dates within the last 3 months to be the only dates they can enter into the text boxes. We don't want them to search beyond the last 3 months, but they should be able to look at the metrics for any specific day or range within those 3 days.

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Would the dashboard time selection presentation (recording here), slides here match this?
I suspect you could provide custom options as per the above and that might be a nice option here.

I checked the authorize.conf and you can prevent the time window from becoming too large for a role, but this wouldn't stop someone from changing the latest time to say 1 month ago and looking back 3 months from there.
If you cannot allow them to search beyond 3 months perhaps you could use summary indexing to provide only the data they should see?

Is the goal here to only offer certain options on the dashboard or to actually restrict the access to a particular period of time?

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Are you using Splunk's time range picker OR a free-text textbox?

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Try Time Range from "Setting >> User interface >> Time ranges >> Add new "

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Note: this will only limit the options shown. It won't limit the actual searches they can run. The user could override the timepicker values by setting earliest/latest in the search string.

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