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Javascript SDK client-side only

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I have a web application that uses Angular.js along with HTML5 and CSS3 on the frontend and Java on the backend. I'm hoping to use the javascript SDK to show charts and graphs on the frontend. I've looked at the examples provided in the SDK download but all of those seem to use node.js as a backend. I have two questions:

  1. Is node.js required as a backend to use the client-side javascript SDK?
  2. Is this the correct route to take? Or should I be looking into the Java SDK to pull from splunk and then send data to the frontend RESTfully?

Thanks, and please let me know if more information is needed!
- Jamie

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Angular is special. Nodejs is not required, you can use npm to download the splunkjs stack. Then you include those libraries as you would any other library. The examples use nodejs because most people won't have something else running to serve the javascript pages. This discussion can go waaay deeper than "include the files and execute", so feel free to email me specific code-related questions. I am also on the IRC (#splunk on efnet). I don't want to pollute the forum here until a viable solution can be determined. I've worked with Angular before, and am pretty good at javascript stuffs.

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