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JavaScript To create a saved search


// Retrieve the collection of saved searches

var mySavedSearches = service.savedSearches();

// Specify a name and search query

var searchName = "Test Search";

// Note: Do not include the 'search' keyword for a saved search

var searchQuery = "* | head 10";

// Create the saved search

name: searchName,
search: searchQuery
}, function(err, newSearch) {
console.log("A new saved search was created");

Do not know is that in the above function.
How do I set time and schedule?

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You need to set a few more options, here is an example that would schedule the job to run every 10mins over the previous month.

opts = { name: "searchname", 
         search: "* | head 10", 
         is_scheduled: 1, 
         cron_schedule: "*/10 * * * *",
         'dispatch.earliest_time': '-1mon@d',
         'dispatch.latest_time': 'now',

mySavedSearches.create(opts, function(err, newSearch) {
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Thanks!! Were very helpful.

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Please refer this documentation for the Savedsearch parameters:


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