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JavaScript Framework: How to add search bar with default timerange?


I am using the code below to add a search bar and the timerange is defaulting to "All Time". How do I change it so that it defaults to "Last 15 minutes" using code below. Incidently the ui_prefs is set to 60 mins which this does not appear to pickup.


var mysearchbar = new SearchBarView({
id: "example-searchbar",
managerid: "example-search1",
timerange_earliest_time: mvc.tokenSafe("$earlyval$"),
timerange_latest_time: mvc.tokenSafe("$lateval$"),
default: "eventtype=bro_ | head 100",
value: mvc.tokenSafe("$searchquery$"),
el: $("#mysearchbarview")


Where you able to fix this , I am having the same issue in HTML dashboard we are working on .

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Try editing the times.conf file. Set the order of Last 5 minutes to lowest possible value.

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I took a look at the times.conf and "Last 15 minutes" is set to the lowest number yet it is still defaulting to "All time" which is set to the highest number?

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