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Is there any way to apply the dark theme dashboards per user?


We have some users who want to use the 7.2 dark theme dashboards and then some who do not.

Does anyone know of a method to allow users to specify the theme as part of their user preferences (similar to the SPL Editor theme preference)?

We realize that we can add "theme=dark" to every URL, but that can be rather annoying for the users.


Provide your users with bookmarklets, which allow them - with a button click from the browser bookmark bar, to change the mode:

Change to Light Mode

javascript:void((function(){var loc = location.href; if (loc.indexOf('theme') >= 0) return; loc.indexOf("?") < 0 ? (location.href = loc+"?&theme=light") : (location.href = loc+"&theme=light");})());

Change to Dark Mode

javascript:void((function(){var loc = location.href; if (loc.indexOf('theme') >= 0) return; loc.indexOf("?") < 0 ? (location.href = loc+"?&theme=dark") : (location.href = loc+"&theme=dark");})());

I can't make these hyperlink bookmarklets here in Splunk Answers, so you would need to provide it to your users, rather than point them to this question.

If you or your users aren't familiar with bookmarklets, they click and drag the bookmark link to their bookmark bar. Then click it when they want it to perform something. More details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet


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I'm having the same problem here... Did you manage to solve it?

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