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Is there a way to show the time range in my PDF report?



I have a dashboard and I schedule the pdf delivery.
I would like to know if there is anyway to show the time range in my report?
It will be better to show the time range of each visualization.


Hi kualo,
you could insert in the top of the dashboard two single panels with two searches like these:

your_search | stats earliest(_time) AS earliest | eval earliest=strftime(earliest,"%d/%m/%Y %H.%M.%S")  

your_search | stats latest(_time) AS latest | eval latest=strftime(latest,"%d/%m/%Y %H.%M.%S") 


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One way could be to use the tokens to set the time duration as the panel title of visualization, which will represent the start and end time of search. If all the panels refer to same time picker then it can be achieved as:

<eval token="from">strftime($yourTimePickerToken.earliest$,"%m/%d/%y")</eval>
<eval token="to">strftime($yourTimePickerToken.latest$, "%m/%d/%y")</eval>

and then later on in titles use the $from$ and $to$

<title>My Title stats -  $from$ to $to$</title>

See more on eval in dashboard here

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Further to this answer, see the answers to the related question (among others), "Display date/Time range in Dashbaord" (sic).

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Is it possible to do this in a scheduled report?

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