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Is it possible to disable the greying out of line charts on hover?



Is it possible to disable the greying out of other lines when you hover over a line in Splunk line chart in XML?
I'm displaying the dashboards in a desktop that's for public viewers so I would not like the charts to change as easily as moving the mouse?

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@lsy9891 if you are on Splunk version 7x or higher you can use Charting Legend as seriesCompare for Line or Area chart, which would allow you to hover over the chart and it will display corresponding values of all series as Legend on right at the same time.
You can enable Series Compare for Legends
1. Either through UI > Edit > Format Visualization > Legend > Compare Series > On
2. Or through Simple XML chart configuration:

 <option name="charting.legend.mode">seriesCompare</option> 

Refer to documentation: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Viz/ChartConfigurationReference#Area.2C_Bubble.2...

As an alternative to built in Line or Area chart you can also check out Horizon Chart Custom visualization built by Splunk.

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Ok this might be a workaround-how about column charts with one series? I put this option for the bar chart and it still greys out?

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Also it still greys out when u hover over the legend.

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