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Is it possible to customize the "No result found" and "N/A" message in a single value panel in Splunk 6.3.x?


Hi Splunkers,

I am using Splunk 6.3.x and my requirement is to customize default "No result found" message and "N/A" message of single value element.
I checked similar questions here, but no use.

Is there any way to customize these messages through css or through a Splunk search? I want to show "0" in place of "N/A" for single value element.


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Hi Ekta,

append this to your search -

| stats count as message

This should do the trick, if there are no events then it will show "0" else the event count


It helped

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You can set the default value of the variable which populates single value using eval.
eval res=0| and then your custom conditions

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