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Is it possible to add a vertical scrollbar to my checkbox list to make my dashboard more usable?



I have a checkbox token that has 100 values. The usability problem is that the list is displayed it its entirety which pushes the visualization panels down, and makes the dashboard quite ugly.

Is it possible to have the checkbox list be like a dropdown with a vertical scrollbar so that the user scrolls through and checks their desired values?

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You should consider using Multiselect Box which has Drop Down also.

Refer Splunk Documentation :

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wouldn´t it be easier to use a drop down menu?

It will have a scrollbar by default.

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Hello and thanks for the reply.
This is an option yes, but when multiple values are selected, it displays them one after the other and creates the same usability issue. Also, values have to be selected one at a time and that's a pain.
I suppose I don't have to use a checkbox, but I need something that will be more compact when a large number of values have been selected, as well as something that allows me to select multiple values easily.

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multiselect would be my suggestion. very compact, user can type the start of a term and it will populate a few matching results and they can click on what they need, or it will populate a scrolling list to search through. multiple values can be selected if needed.

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I agree that the multiselect provides these capabilities, but here are the issues I see:

  1. When I filter by typing a string, I can only select one of the results at a time. So if I have to filter 10 results that start with ABC, I have to type ABC and add them individually 10 times.
  2. The more values I add, the larger the box gets, so if I have more than 20, it starts to push everything downwards and generally looks ugly.

I was hoping I could combine the best of the checkboxes and the best of the multiselect into a single input type. I guess this isn't possible.

Thanks for your input!

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