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Iframe url with javascript



I'm trying to use https://skyvector.com in an iframe using this code. The $url$ token comes from another panel, it contains the skyvector url.

<row rejects="$show_main$">
<iframe src="$url$" width="1500" height="700">&gt;</iframe>

The page shows in an iframe with this message: "If you can read this, enable javascript. It may also help to reload this page by pressing F5, Ctrl+R, Command+R or clearing your browser cache." 


When I right click the frame in Firefox and then "This Frame -> Show Only This Frame" or "Open Frame in New Tab" the page is shown correctly. As is the case in this iframe tester http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/free-iframe-checker

I think it's an issue with allowing use of javascript in embedded pages, tried web.conf but can't find a setting for this. Any ideas?



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