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Hw to create Multiple group by in a splunk chart (Object types and names monitoring)?

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Hello Splunk Family,

I am looking for help on making a graph in Splunk.

I am trying to monitor the amount of transactions by different methods names with different objects and separate that by date.

Here is an example of the data I have

Date Object Type Object Name Total Transactions
Aug 1 LibPush Root 15
Aug 1 LibPush ProcessQueue 12
Aug 1 LibPush Failed 2
Aug 1 Company ChangeConfigSet 34
Aug 1 Company CleanUpMsg 15
Aug 1 Company GetMsg 32
Aug 1 Company SendMSG 13
Aug 2 LibPush Root 15
Aug 2 LibPush ProcessQueue 12
Aug 2 LibPush Failed 2
Aug 2 Company ChangeConfigSet 34
Aug 2 Company CleanUpMsg 15
Aug 2 Company GetMsg 32
Aug 2 Company SendMSG 45
Aug 3 LibPush Root 15
Aug 3 LibPush ProcessQueue 12
Aug 3 LibPush Failed 2
Aug 3 Company ChangeConfigSet 34
Aug 3 Company CleanUpMsg 15
Aug 3 Company GetMsg 32
Aug 3 Company SendMSG 45


The only thing is that there are a lot of Object Types and Object Names so maybe the top 10 object types per day.

Here is a lame attempt at a drawing of what I want.

Here is the code I got so far

[mycode] | bin _time span=1d| chart count(indexid) over actionelementname by actionelementtype

but it is missing the date and it is not stacked.


Any help would be deeply appreciated! 



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You can do

... search...
| eval c=actionelementtype.":".actionelementname
| chart sum(Total_Transactions) over _time by c

and then you will get it over time and you can stack it with the chart format options.

or how did you imaging visualising these two dimensions over _time?

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