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How token namespaces and initialize tokens help with executing searches in html dashboard?

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I have converted the simple xml dashboard (with form inputs and panel) to html where we can find the code such as

// Create token namespaces
    var urlTokenModel = new UrlTokenModel();
    mvc.Components.registerInstance('url', urlTokenModel);
    var defaultTokenModel = mvc.Components.getInstance('default', {create: true});
    var submittedTokenModel = mvc.Components.getInstance('submitted', {create: true});

    urlTokenModel.on('url:navigate', function() {
        if (!_.isEmpty(urlTokenModel.toJSON()) && !_.all(urlTokenModel.toJSON(), _.isUndefined)) {
        } else {

    // Initialize tokens

    var defaultUpdate = {};

    var submitTokens = function() {

    var submitTokensSoon = _.debounce(function(replaceState) {
        urlTokenModel.saveOnlyWithPrefix('form\\.', defaultTokenModel.toJSON(), {
            replaceState: replaceState

I have searched in Splunk documentation for the detailed description of each statement, but I cant find any information. Can someone provide a detailed description of each statement and how it helps in executing searches with token values inputs?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The documentation mostly covers the way you can use tokens in the Web Framework, but there are a few topics that address how converted HTML dashboards use tokens, and how that token model works:

Walkthrough of the HTML Dashboard Code (TOKENS section)

Token Models

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