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How to set value from table to a list of checkboxes in Splunk dashboard?

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I have table from on it when I click on edit button I'm taking value from that row and set to the filters above.

In case of checkbox I have 2 choices, if on one of the system and Bi Report has only one is selected, it's value get set in the filters above but if both system and Report is selected the filters not get set at all.


Any help appreciated.


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Not sure about dashboard studio, but a checkbox value is a multivalue field, so if you want to set more than one value to the token it, at least in XML, would need to have a multivalue result.

e.g. in XML if your two values are 1 and 2, then this

<eval token="form.check">split("1,2",",")</eval>

will set the input form token "check" to an MV field containing 1 and 2 in the XML case, will turn on both checkboxes.


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You need to define a drilldown with conditional tokens. 



Also check this thread:



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