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How to set properties in a custom visualization in Javascript?


Trying to use sample code from http://dev.splunk.com/view/webframework-developapps/SP-CAAAESD to set these properties in a custom visualization:

      <viz type="leaflet_maps_app.leaflet_maps" id="clusterMapId">
           <option name="leaflet_maps_app.leaflet_maps.mapCenterLat">46.0</option>
            <option name="leaflet_maps_app.leaflet_maps.mapCenterLon">120.0</option>
            <option name="leaflet_maps_app.leaflet_maps.mapCenterZoom">6</option>

With this javascript and not working:

], function(mvc) {

    // Get the Events table
    var myClusterMap = mvc.Components.get('clusterMapId');

    // Programmatically change a property in the Events table
    myClusterMap.getVisualization(function(eventsView) {
        eventsView.settings.set("leaflet_maps_app.leaflet_maps.mapCenterLon", "-120");
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You might check out the answer here: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/500008/how-to-add-custom-option-to-a-panel.html
The main point being: custom app's custom options are not working anymore like they did before. So you might need some workarounds.
I hope it helps somewhat.

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