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How to set permissions/visibility for dashboard PDF delivery schedule?

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Hi all,

I have a dashboard that is scheduled for PDF delivery every day at 1pm. However, when a coworker logs into Splunk and views that dashboard for himself, he can also schedule a separate PDF delivery, but can't see that I've already set one up.

Is there any way to "share" the PDF delivery so when he logs in, he sees that I've already scheduled it for delivery?


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Re: How to set permissions/visibility for dashboard PDF delivery schedule?


Hi @cjansson77,
You might consider running a GET request on the following endpoint to list scheduled "views" (dashboards) in your system. There is an "is_scheduled" key that indicates whether PDF delivery is set up.


For this particular dashboard, you can use the name in a GET on the /scheduled/views/{name} endpoint and check the "is_scheduled" key in the response:

See also this previous similar post:

Hope this helps!

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