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I have this custom view where the availability of app shows 99.97%. But in the chart below it looks like 100%. How do I stretch the Y-axis, so that it does look to be 100% ?


Thanks for your help

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can make changes to your chart (including the size of the axes) using the custom charting properties. A number of these are documented here:


Please also read the documentation about how to use these properties from within your chart here:


Cheers Emma


I'd rather suggest you use the "single value" display mode, which also gives you the ability to color-code value ranges. e.g. 0->50% : red 50.1->80%: yellow else : green

If you want to stay with the chart, the problem is that 99.97 is really close to 100 on pretty much any scale. A trick could be to stack onto your avail.% the difference between its value and 100%, so to fill the (small) gap with a different color.

Or, you can simply expand the chart to a huge height and set a "1" secondary scale on the y axis. Although I really wouldn't recommend this...

Bye Paolo

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