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How to reset timepicker?


I have a dashboard with a panel with a table that depends on $time_tok.earliest$ from the time picker. I have an option in a dropdown, token=deployment, to reset the time tokens and thus hide the table:

<input type="dropdown" token="deployment">
      <choice value="choice1">choice1</choice>
      <choice value="choice2">choice2</choice>
      <choice value="choice3">choice3</choice>
      <choice value="&quot;&quot;">Select</choice>
        <condition value="&quot;&quot;">
          <unset token="time_tok.earliest"></unset>
          <unset token="time_tok.latest"></unset>

When I select this option to reset the timepicker tokens, the table is successfully hidden, but the time tokens aren't being set when I click Submit, so the table is never unhidden. How do I achieve this?

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