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How to provide time frame for the search and export format when posting to /search/jobs/export using PostMan ?

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I'm doing search through postman to search against https://DomainName:8089/services/search/jobs/export
I do a POST call with this payload search=search%20index%3DINDEXNAME%20QUERY
It is working fine but I have two issues:

  1. I don't know how to provide time range for the search.
  2. I need the results in JSON format, not XML
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1) time frame: search=search%20index%3DINDEXNAME%20index_earliest =-2d%20index_latest =now%20QUERY
2) outputmode json: search=search%20index%3DINDEXNAME%20index_earliest =-2d%20index_latest =now%20output_mode=json%20QUERY
outputmode xml: search=search%20index%3DINDEXNAME%20index_earliest =-2d%20index_latest =now%20output_mode=xml%20QUERY

by default results will be xml

check below link,


i hope this helps

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