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How to plot a barchart based on String rather than numbers



I have events with below format,

08/09/202109:27:00 +0000, search_name=sre_slo_BE_module_priority_monthly, search_now=1628501220.000, info_max_time=1628501220.000, info_search_time=1628501221.635, Module=InvoiceManagement, Priority=P4, LastViolationMonth="Jul-2021", MissedCount=1, LastViolationp90ResponseTime (s)="30.44", Deviation (%)="1.5"

I would like to plot a graph which would have Y axis with values as P1, P2, P3, P4 & x axis with Month.

I tried using below query to plot a graph by assigning values to the Priorities. But again, the Y axis becomes based on the Values assigned to the Priority rather than Priority itself.


index=summary source=sre_slo_BE_module_priority_monthly  Module="ControlCenter"
| eval convert_epoch = strftime(_time,"%m-%d-%Y")
| eval prevMonth=lower(strftime(relative_time(_time,"-1mon@d"),"%B"))
| eval MonthYear = prevMonth + "-" + date_year
| search convert_epoch!="08-01-2021"
| eval PriorityValue = case(Priority="P1", 4, Priority="P2", 3, Priority="P3", 2, Priority="P4", 1)
| stats values(PriorityValue) as PriorityValue by MonthYear, Priority


Below is the graph which I get. Instead of PriorityValue on the Y axis, I need Priority itself.

Screenshot (3).png

Could someone please help me out here

@kamlesh_vaghela @diogofgm  Is this something which you can assist with. Appreciate if you can help on this


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