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How to modify the Master.html file?



We are trying to modify the Master.html file but our modifications do not reflect as expected.

Inspecting the page with Chrome DevTools Overview (F12 button) we realized that the highest element in the page (The black Splunk bar where "Messages", "Settings" menu appears) is located here:


So then we found in our local machine that the file is at the following path:

 C:\Program Files\Splunk\share\splunk\search_mrsparkle\exposed\js\views\shared\splunkbar\Master.html

After that we tried to modify the Master.html adding a script tag to display a message in the console:

 <script type="text/javascript">
     console.log("[1] Test");

Cleaned the browser cache and restarted the Splunk Server but nothing appears...
Do you know if we are doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot,

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