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How to make the field value dynamically populated

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    <input type="dropdown" token="testname">
        <label>Select Application</label>
        <choice value="*">Any</choice>
        <choice value="conn">conn</choice>
        <choice value="tacacs">tacacs</choice>
        <choice value="splunkd">log</choice>
        <choice value="mysql">ticket</choice>
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If you're looking to get better behavior around prepopulation in textfields and dropdowns you should check out the Sideview Utils app. It packages a number of custom modules like TextField and Pulldown that are much simpler to configure and use and support various useful features like dynamic prepopulation from URL tokens and from the config.

The docs for Sideview Utils are embedded in the app itself so go ahead and pull it down and read through the 23 or so views it has inside. They'll walk you through the modules and the techniques around using them.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Any more info on this one?

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