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How to integrate Remedy with Splunk to collect and report on ticket details in a dashboard?


I have Remedy and splunk in our environment. I need to view the remedy ticket details through a Splunk dashboard.
How to Integrate Splunk with Remedy?
How to collect ticket details from Remedy and display it in Splunk dashboard.


Which do you want to do, pull splunk data into remedy, or pull remedy data into splunk?

You mentioned both directions in your comment.

For pulling data from splunk, you can use the splunk ODBC driver, or even Splunk Rest API:

For pulling data from remedy, it depends on your version of remedy. I recommend you contact the vendor for REST/WSDL/API documentation. Then write a script to pull the data, etc.

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There are 2 apps in splunkbase for BMC Remedy but they are not useful for my requirement.

Platform Advisor for BMC Remedy - This is for Remedy Administrator to manage their Remedy server environment.
Splunk Add-on for BMC Remedy - This is used to create and update incidents in Remedy system through Splunk.

But my requirement is to connect remedy from splunk . Collect and display remedy incident details in a splunk dashboard.

Any body has any idea of how to use Remedy WSDL URL to connect and get the data from splunk

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Hello There,

Please use the Splunk DB Connect to Collect the Logs. Ask your Remedy to provide table detail.

For Every activity there is change in the Column date and Time. 

I Believe this will Work for you.


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