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How to hide dashboard parameters in URL Address Bar?



How I can hide the dashboard input filters parameters that are being shown in the URL Address bar?
That's for security purposes, as it does not allow someone to get the input fields id.
And, as the URL exceeds 255 characters, it's not allowing us to open the searches in a new tab.

So the URL should be showing only the app name and the dashboard name that is being used and the rest of the parameters that are being passed of the filter values used showed be removed.

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Re: How to hide dashboard parameters in URL Address Bar?


@mibrahim8 instead of Splunk Inputs use html input and set the token through Simple XML JS extension.

Refer to one of my older answer which uses html date picker instead of Splunk time input: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/627432/jquery-datepicker-in-splunk.html

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