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How to have a current VPN connections in dashboard

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Good afternoon Splunkers,

I'm working on a dashboard that shows a chart of existing VPN connections at a given time. I have one that shows new connections and the logs show when a connection is created and when it is disconnected, but how can I show an hourly view of existing connections.

For example, If I have 3 users connect during the day, user A is active from 6am - 3 pm, B is active 8 am - 5 pm and C is active from 9 am - 6pm.

How can I have a timechart that shows 6 am 1 user connected, 7 am 1 user connected, 8 am 2 users connected, 9 am 3 users connected ... 4 pm 2 users connected 5 pm 1 user connected???

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Do you have sample logs?

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