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I have the following navigation menu in my default.xml. Is there a way I can enter the label for my first view "myview". I don't want it to pick the label defined in "myview.xml" definition but I would like to have different name defined in default.xml for "myview" so that, that name appears in the menu, not the one mentioned in default.xml.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


There's a quirk of the navigation menu system that you can exploit, whereby you can put certain HTML into default.xml and it'll get carried along all the way to the rendering and get rendered out into the menu HTML. In particular you can put anchor tags like so:

<a href="myview">Custom Label to myView</a>

and it will become a link in the menu at that spot. the menu system has no idea you did this though, so it will still render the normal link out to the menu system as well. The solution then is to put isVisible="False", which tells the navigation not to render the normal link at all. The other more manual solution is to just not have an "unclassified" node in the navigation at all and instead explicitly specify all of the viewnames.



I tried adding HTML5 data attributes to above "a" tag, but HTML DOM structure was not showing those custom attributes. Any idea how to add custom attributes to navigation links?

History: I have around 10 navigation links in my app. I would like to prefix a specific text(Ex:"DOMAIN")before some of the navigation links. I was thinking only way to identify those few links in JavaScript is with links having special attribute.

Please refer below - I tried to add "class" attribute,but didn't worked out.
Ref: http://splunk-base.splunk.com/answers/90946/how-to-add-css-class-to-navigation-menu

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